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Sex is a big issue for a lot of gay, lesbian and bisexual teens, and there is a huge range of experiences among young LGBT individuals. Things like deciding whether to have sex, fantasizing, and figuring up who you are attracted to, are all issues that come up frequently.

With this being a sexual type of activity i can't see that he would allow himself to be talked into experimenting with a guy. That said he is probably pretty sure of how he feels and being bisexual means liking both boys and girls so him saying that he likes girls doesn't mean he isn't bisexual or was persuaded into anything.

Sep 20, 2016 · Miguel: Bisexuality isn’t inherently transphobic because being bisexual has nothing to do with how you feel about transgender people. Seeing how trans boys are boys (just like cis boys!) and the Author: GLSEN.

The family and classmates of a Tennessee high school student who killed himself after being outed online as bisexual have demanded that the school and state authorities investigate and prosecute.