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The best cars for teens in 2019 best car for teens

Nov 03, 2017 · For teens who will be paying for their own vehicle, buying used is a sensible way to go. They may be in the market for a used car under $20,000, or perhaps even under $15,000. For questions about financing, check out our article on car-financing for first-time car buyers. First-time car buyers should consider saving for a larger down payment.

Aug 20, 2019 · While cool tech features and eye-catching style may appeal to teenage drivers, crash test scores, active safety tech, and reliability should top the priority list for concerned parents. Accordingly, safety and dependability are the foundation of the U.S. News Best Cars for Teens awards.Author: Matt Rand, Kevin Linder, Isaac R. Braun.

Consumer Reports lists the best new cars for teens, considering road-test performance, safety, reliability, and suitability for an inexperienced driver.

Your teen might want a fast sports car or a big SUV. That’s understandable, but those aren’t the best match for new drivers. For one thing, teens may struggle to control their impulses, and buying them a sporty car is an invitation to drive aggressively. Insurance costs are likely to be much higher, too.