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Bottom scooting is when a child sits on their bottom, typically with one leg bent and one leg straight and one hand on the ground (usually the hand of the side where the leg is bent). For example, your child may sit with their left leg straight out to the side, right leg bent at the knee and right hand on the ground.

Other conditions that may cause a dog to scoot on its bottom include allergies, tumors and worms, notes Schissler. All of these conditions should be checked out by a vet, she adds. It’s also important to remember that, occasionally, an itch is just an itch.

If an infant has discovered how to get around by scooting on the buttocks, there is not much you can do about it. The good news is that bottom shuffling works the trunk muscles really hard - so the infant will have good core muscles.

There are quite a few potential reasons why your dog might scoot along the floor on their bottom. The main reason they do this is that they are either suffering from discomfort or they are itchy. When we start to consider the reasons that may cause discomfort and itchiness then we can start to get quite a long list of reasons for scooting!