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Is It Normal That My 15 Year Old Teen Son's Penis Is Too Big? | Teens Fo my husbands penis is so huge

Jan 04, 2017 · My son's penis is much, MUCH bigger than my husband's penis which is average. I haven't been able to get my son's dick out of my head since (figuratively speaking). I mean, it's just SOOO big! How is it even possible for someone to have a cock that large? Not to mention that he has balls the size of oranges.

Jan 07, 2014 · My boyfriend and I have been dating for three months. About two weeks ago, we decided to have sex. Everything was perfect, until I took off his pants! His penis is huge! I .

So how big is big? I didn’t consider my husband to have a very large penis until he started using the Bathmate pump for Jo Divine and we did some internet searches. We then found he was already in the top 1% for length and girth – which put a smile on his face!

‘You’re Not Putting That Thing Inside Me’: 17 Women On When A Penis Is Just TOO Big to my relationship with my husband, I had sex with old boyfriends. I have never. EVER. Had a problem with sex. However, my husband’s penis is thick. Any and all penetration gives me vaginal tearing, which makes the rest of the event painful. I’m in.