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7) Apply one coat of Asian Paints Tractor Acrylic Distemper. If you are using a brush or roller dilute 550 - 600 ml. of water, and if you are using a spray, dilute 500 - 550 ml of water. Let it dry for 3 -4 hours. 8) Now, apply two coats of Asian Paints Tractor Acrylic Distemper.

Give your interior walls a smooth matte finish experience with Tractor Distemper interior wall paints. Tractor Distempers are interior wall paints which offers a wide choice in water-based interior wall paints. Select from wide range of Tractor Distempers high quality wall paints by Asian Paints today!

Asian Paints Tractor Emulsion gives a smooth finish to the wall. It is a smart choice if you have been previously using distemper. benefits. a smart upgrade. Tractor Emulsion is the perfect way to make a smart upgrade from distempers. It offers the finish of plastic paint, at a .

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