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edge of j strips

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The Gibraltar Galvanized Drip Edge Flashing is made The Gibraltar Galvanized Drip Edge Flashing is made from professional grade 26 gauge galvanized steel. This Drip Edge Flashing provides protection from water damage along the eaves and rake of a roof. The extra kick at the bottom of the face directs run-off away from the structure.

J-trim installs on steel-sided buildings, such as pole barns and commercial buildings, as the finish trim to steel siding. Similar to J-channel used with vinyl siding, J-trim is nailed to the building's framing at the top edge, and along any interior corner seams to hide the raw edges of the siding.

This should be nailed every 6 inches, with it’s lower edge running along the chalk line. Starter Strip and Under-Sill Trim In cases where the lower portion of a horizontal siding panel must be trimmed so that it may be installed over areas such as steps and porches, make sure the panel is furred out with a similar spacer for proper angle and rigidity.