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Aug 29, 2019 · Adult learning programs are for Ontario residents ranging from 19 years old through to seniors of any age. If you are not currently attending a college or a university, life-long learning can help you: earn credits for an Ontario high school diploma; upgrade your skills to prepare for college, university, apprenticeship training or employment.

What is Adult Education? General interest courses are courses you take out of interest rather than for academic reasons. You can find them in many places in your community. Where can I take high school courses as an adult? Most school boards in Ontario have programs for adults who want to earn a High School Diploma or Equivalency.

Chaffey Adult School is dedicated to delivering a high quality and effective adult education program to the adults of our community, providing educational experiences for adults in need of basic academic skills, and assisting in enhancing their employability. Vision Statement.

What Are Correspondence Courses? Many colleges and universities offer correspondence courses, which give students the chance to learn new skills or earn credits without physically attending the school. Read on for more information about distance learning through correspondence courses.Common Courses: English Composition, Basic Algebra, Introduction to Finance.