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MoliCare Adult Diapers, Pads & Briefs for Incontinence moli care adult pull up diaper

Nov 11, 2016 · These are great adult diapers. Even though they are called "Briefs" in the description, they are in fact a tape-on diaper. Some people get this confused when they order and are disappointed when they receive a diaper rather than pull-ups or disposable absorbent underpants.3.8/5(38).

MoliCare Diapers MoliCare is one of the lesser-known yet high-quality incontinence supply brands we offer at Parentgiving. This brand is becoming increasingly popular with patients and caregivers due to the excellent performance, comfortable materials and affordability of its products.

May 17, 2017 · Buy MoliCare Mobile Underwear, Extra, Medium, Pack/14 on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders I wish the diaper would have a little more 'underwear' part as when you pull the diaper up it feels like it doesn't fit or go up as much as it should, but the next size would be too larger. or other licensed health-care professional 4.4/5(11).

Molicare Briefs European-made Molicare adult diapers offer an extraordinary level of absorbency in a fitted brief. Ideal for overnight use or heavy incontinence, they feature a super-absorbent core, standing leak guards, refastenable tapes, and a wetness indicator.