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Hiking carrier recommendations from parents for carriers that can hold a larger child over 48 pounds with a disability. I’m pretty sure I read you can carry a small adult in an Ergo. Monica B. I have had the honor of working and being a part of the Parenting Special Needs Magazine family since 2011. My responsibilities include keeping.

A CHILD CARRIER FOR SPECIAL NEEDS FAMILIES and portable because ultimately we wanted to provide a much less clumsy alternative to the stroller or the traditional hiking carrier for a parent's day out. We ended up creating a bag that also gave families with special needs a new way of life, freedom to take new trips, and the ability to see.

Adult Carriers. Description: The "adult" trailer is a bicycle trailer for special use needs often for mobility impared individuals. It may be an expansion of the child carrier to give more leg room as an added on accessory, or it may be ordered with a longer frame and built to fit a longer superstructure.

We designed the Piggyback Rider for our children. Although our kids do not have special needs, we have had numerous inquiries about whether the Piggyback Rider® will work for children with special needs. Recently the Piggyback Rider was included in the AbleData database, the source for assistive technology information. Here’s the link Child carrier for children with special needsPeople.