- cost effectiveness of adult basic education


cost effectiveness of adult basic education

It illustrates an accounting framework for estimating costs in ABE, presents some benchmark cost data for making inter-project comparisons, and offers some preliminary observations on the cost-effectiveness of CAI in both TLC and ABE. What does it cost to provide adult basic education (ABE) with computer assisted instruction (CAI)?Cited by: 1.

Section C is a summary that illustrates the cost effectiveness of the adult education program. Section D contains 24 charts, including program appropriations by source and fiscal year; ABE and AHS enrollees by fiscal year, age categories, sex, Cost Effectiveness of the State Adult Basic Education and Adult High School Program.

DOCUMENT RESUME. ED 369 891 CE 066 223. TITLE Cogt Effectiveness of the State Adult Basic and Adult. High School Program. FY 1992-93. INSTITUTION Utah State Office of Education, Salt Lake City.

Cost effectiveness analysis in terms of personnel, facilities, equipment, materials, and overhead was made of two adult basic reading programs: Technology for Literacy Center's tutor-based program and Principle of the Alphabet Literacy System (PALS), computer-assisted instruction. Costs per unit of gain in reading skills clearly favored the PALS program.Cited by: 2.