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The Family Literacy Program at the Adult Learning Center is a day-time program offering adult basic education, all levels of English for adult language learners, HiSET preparation, and computer literacy classes. Our program is free and parents of Boston Public Schools children are prioritized for enrollment.

Three Brockton agencies running programs funded by the state have a combined waiting list of 2,350 people trying to enroll in adult basic education and English language classes, according to the.

Jan 26, 2012 · Twice a year, when hundreds of people who want to learn English crowd into a middle school cafeteria in Framingham, many of them end up in a purgatory usually reserved for high school seniors: the wait list. Framingham Adult ESL Plus, the city’s largest program for teaching English as a second language, can usually offer spots to a fraction of the would-be students who apply.

Calderon previously worked in the Framingham Adult ESL office, and saw firsthand the dismay of those who couldn’t get into one of the program’s classes.Author: Kathleen Burge.