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Are Baby Rattlesnakes More Poisonous Than Adults? - Jake's Nature Blog baby bite vs adult bite snakes

May 23, 2011 · Los Gatos, CA - Which is more dangerous, a baby or an adult rattlesnake? Toggle navigation. Los Gatos, CA The Baby Rattlesnake Bite Debate Author: Chigiy Binell.

Contrary to popular belief, the bite of a baby rattlesnake is almost always far less serious than the bite of a larger adult rattlesnake. The notion that baby rattlesnakes cannot control the quantity of venom injected (referred to in the field of Herpetology as “venom metering”) is a myth that has b.

Baby snakes are born perfectly fit for survival, so parental care is not really necessary. If a young venomous snake’s bite were to be more dangerous than an adult’s, this would be the only way. I suppose there are far more myths about snakes than I can dispel in one article. Education is the key.

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