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Commonly used as a method of rehabilitating the body after trauma, Hydrotherapy has come to be recognized as a valuable method for treating people with cerebral palsy. In a heated pool, water provides a soothing, buoyant environment for cerebral palsy patients, decreasing a patient’s effective weight by .

For children with Cerebral Palsy, water can be a healing force. All activities the child engages in takes place in a pool (heated or non-heated). More than 50 percent of body weight is water. Gravity and body weight impacts the way the body moves. Aquatic therapy presents a near complete reversal of these.

Any child can have trouble in the pool, lake or ocean, let alone one with special needs. Check out these suggested Cerebral Palsy swimming products to see if any are a fit for your child this summer!

Hydrotherapy is activity or exercise that is performed in warm water to help a person to achieve the goals set for their therapy. Hydrotherapy may provide pain relief, and increase fitness, mobility, strength and function for adolescents and adults with cerebral palsy. For someone with severely limited mobility, hydrotherapy can be liberating – enabling much greater movement than they are.