Trends in Smokeless Tobacco Use Among Adults and Adolescents in the United States - adult smokeless use prevalence in arkansas


adult smokeless use prevalence in arkansas

Adult Current Cigarette/Smokeless Tobacco Use. In Arkansas, the percentage of adults (ages 18+) who currently smoke cigarettes was 27.0% in 2011. Across all states and D.C., the prevalence of cigarette smoking among adults ranged from 11.8% to 29.0%. Arkansas ranked 49th among the states.

Nov 05, 2010 · Prevalence of smokeless tobacco use among men in some states, such as West Virginia (17.1%) and Wyoming (16.9%), has nearly reached the national level of smoking prevalence among all adults (20.8%). Within states, up to 23.4% (Wyoming) of .

Other tobacco product use: Arkansas E-cigarette and smokeless tobacco use in Arkansas. The CDC estimates 55.8% of daily adult smokers in Arkansas quit smoking for one or more days in 2017. 3; *National and state-level prevalence numbers reflect the most recent data available. This may differ across state fact sheets.

Adult Trends. Smokeless tobacco use among adults overall, and among men only, declined slowly but steadily from 1987 through 2000 (Table 1 and Figure 1).Use among women was rare over this period (prevalence declined slightly; thus, overall trends primarily reflect changes in use among men.