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Sexting is the sharing of nude or sexually explicit messages or photos, usually by cell phone or some other electronic device or means. Certain states have laws specific to sexting between minors.Between consenting adults, the private sharing of nude or suggestive photos is generally not illegal.Author: Ave Mince-Didier.

These laws make the penalties for teen sexting less severe than if an adult would send similar photos to an under-age person. To get state specific details regarding sexting, jump ahead to teen sexting laws by state. New Area of the Law. Sexting laws are a relatively new phenomena in the law.Author: Mark Theoharis.

Sexting can be illegal if you send nude or sexual photos of yourself to someone else without his or her consent. It can also be illegal if you share photos of another adult – not yourself – with other people without that adult’s consent.

Sexting between an adult and a child. If sexting occurs between an adult and a child the implications in terms of the law are much more serious. As well as covering the taking of pictures and videos, sharing and storing, an adult who requests such content from a .