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Is there another website like Quizilla that I can write stories and quizzes on? | Yahoo Answers adult quizzilla

Nov 13, 2014 · I wonder if teenage girls new to fan fiction know that term, or if it's specific to people who discovered fan fiction on sites like Quizilla and fanfiction.net that technically forbid pornographic scenes so teens came up with terms like lemons to get around the filters but let others know what was going down in their fanfic. 'Cause I haven't seen that term since shit, I don't even know when.

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Mar 07, 2011 · What Is Your Kink? Tash. 1. 6. Do you like to cuddle during sex? Yes. No. 2. 6. Is you main goal to pleasure your partner? Hell yes! Only if they deserve it! I want all the fun. 3. 6. Have you ever had sex in public? Quite often. Hell no, that's private. I'm not answering that. I will tell you later. 4. 6.

May 24, 2008 · Ever since Quizilla made changes in their site, it seems as if barely anyone is on there any more and there is too many bugs on there too. I was just wondering if there was a website that is like Quizilla that I can write my stories and quizzes on that has just as many (or more) people? Thanks much. I appreciate any answers that I recieve.Followers: 1.