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Koran Angelfish, Pomacanthus semicirculatus, Semicircle Angelfish adult koran angelfish

The Koran Angelfish, also referred to as the Semicircular Angelfish or Halfcircled Angelfish, is an extremely popular and hardy angelfish. As an adult, the body color is a yellow-green that bleeds from light to dark moving front to back along the body.

The Koran Angelfish is also commonly known as Koran Angel, Blue Koran Angel, Semicircle Angel, Half-circle Angel. The juvenile Koran Angel fish has a bluish-black body blended with concentric semi-circles. Whereas in adult fish it exhibits brownish on the anterior and posterior third of the body, while the middle part of the body is greenish or 5/5(2).

The emperor Angelfish had a lifespan of 15 Years in the wild. In the home aquarium it’s more like 12-13 Years as often the size of the aquarium is not suitable for an Adult fish. Emperor Angelfish Care Guide. Juveniles are sometimes mistaken for the Koran Angelfish as they both display similar colors and .

The adult semicircle angelfish is a pale brownish-green colour. It is a deep-bodied, laterally compressed fish that can grow to a length of 35 centimetres (14 in). The mouth is positioned just above the tip of the snout, and the eyes are set halfway up a long straight forehead. Juvenile Koran angelfish in a Family: Pomacanthidae.