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Apr 16, 2014 · Hawaiian Luau Party Games For Adults. Apr 16, 2014 by Health Tips. These Hawaiian luau games will have everyone laughing and having a blast at your luau before you know it. Hawaiian Luau Party Games for a great birthday party idea or theme. Check out the great range of .

Hawaiian Party Games for Adults. You've picked out a stunning Hawaiian shirt and set up the tiki torches, and the pork is marinating. You've completed most of the finishing touches for your Hawaiian-themed party, but are concerned that there is no entertainment. Not to worry--there are a range of games suitable for adults that fit your luau theme.

Luau Party Games & Music. Luau Party Games Luau Music. Luau Party Games. Thereʼs more to a luau than just good food and music. As a host, one of the things you worry about is whether your guests are having a good time – and if theyʼll leave right after getting their fill of mai tais and chicken long rice.Author: [email protected]

More Game Ideas. Other fun Hawaiian luau party games include the following:Stack the Leis - Have party guests pair up with a partner. Create two lines of players, with partners facing each other about 20 feet away. Place a box of 30 to 40 leis behind one line of players.Author: Susie Mcgee.