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Walkabout Ridge is more than a fitness camp. It’s more than a spa or retreat. It’s a weight loss boot camp for men, women, couples, and mother-daughter groups that is sure to kick-start your commitment to losing weight and keeping fit, and will send you home feeling great!

Jul 18, 2017 · The media-fashioned image of a "drill sergeant" who whips your body into shape on a diet of celery and watercress is a fallacy. The majority of weight-loss spas, retreats and camps in Colorado are located in spots of spectacular scenic beauty, tranquility and comfort; locations chosen to help heal the mind, body and spirit.

Premier Weight Loss Fat Camp for Adults. Offering Certified Training, Nutrition and Luxury Accommodations. Lose 20 Pounds Your First Week! Enroll Today.5/5(17).

Cheap weight loss camps are in high demand. With shows like The Biggest Loser promoting the idea of fitness boot camps where attendees drop dozens of pounds, America’s wealthy heavyweights are signing up in droves to resort-style programs that cost tens of thousands of dollars.That show is cashing in with its own established programs for the public, but wellness centers everywhere have.