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adult education diploma edgefield county

High School Diploma Program. A South Carolina High School Diploma can be earned through the Edgefield County Adult Education program.. An adult must earn twenty-four units and pass the South Carolina Exit Exam to qualify for a high school diploma.

Edgefield County School District» Departments» Adult Education» GED Testing This program is for adults lacking the number of credits necessary to complete the Adult High School Diploma route within a year or have extenuating circumstances beyond their control. For more information about Life Long Learning Programs in Edgefield.

Edgefield County's Adult Education is operated by people who care about the well-being of their stud ents. If you need a second, third or fourth chance to complete your high school education, give Edgefield and Ms. Vickie Butler the opportunity to serve you See More5/5(8).

Edgefield County Adult Education Open Enrollment and Registration web posted September 13, 2014 Edgefield County Adult Education is committed to serving all adults living in Edgefield County. Our mission is to create a caring and nurturing environment that emphasizes high achievement and career preparation for all adult students.