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Adult Inpatient Program Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment The foundation of any eating disorder recovery begins with medical and mood stabilization. Based in Denver, Colorado, our Inpatient programming is designed to support women and men that are acutely ill and are experiencing medical and mood instability as a result of their eating disorder.

Expectations are only part of the issue. For more than half our patients, the eating disorder is associated with one or more co-occurring disorders like addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression and others. These may already be diagnosed, or they may come to light only .

Adult Eating Disorder Residential Treatment Program. Residential treatment is an appropriate level of care for women who are seeking recovery for the first time who would benefit from an immersive treatment plan with round-the-clock support. It’s also ideal for those who have been through treatment before but have since relapsed and are looking for assistance to get back into recovery.

Adult Outpatient eating disorder treatment programming at Eating Recovery Center focuses on learning and practicing the skills necessary for patients to remain healthy and protect their recovery after leaving more intensive eating disorder treatment. Outpatient eating disorder treatment programming includes.