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1 SERVING THE NEEDS OF LEADERS IN CHRISTIAN EDUCATION AND FORMATION PLANNING FOR CHRISTIAN EDUCATION AND FORMATION unday school happens. Vacation Bible school happens. The Christmas pageant happens. Lenten Fair happens. And on it goes. We can get so caught up in the day-to-day de-.

Order the Christian Education Ministry Manual. Want to work at getting your Christian Education leadership team on the same page? Order the Christian Education Leadership Team Training. Looking for some guidelines and resources to administrate the Christian Education ministry of your church? Order the Christian Education Files.

Toward a Philosophy of Christian Adult Education I could have taken one of two directions in writing this article. One would have been to pursue a typical te-dious research route and try to sew together various views on theology, definition, theory, methodology, curriculum, psychology, and so forth into a Author: Charles Lee.

Programs - Strategies in Christian Education Ministry. Training Category: Christian Education Programming in itself is not bad. Problems come when: a program takes on a life of its own rather than being seen as a tool to a greater purpose.