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The mother–daughter bond is a symbiotic one that transitions from idealized interconnectedness during the daughter's youth to complex interdependence in later life as both women pursue separate Author: Karen L Fingerman.

Jun 25, 2014 · Why is the adult daughter-mother relationship often fraught? Karen L. Mothers and Their Adult Daughters; Mixed Emotions, Enduring Bonds. Hate is not an emotion I .

Jeffrey and Molly are concerned that their son Marcus is still sucking his thumb at 5 years of age. They are more concerned that Marcus will, in fact, put anything in his mouth. Attachment is a construct that describes an enduring emotional bond that connects a child to caregivers. An emotion that emerges with the help of certain.

Mother/daughter relationships are very unique, often have a bond different than other relationships, and very complex. Each generations belief about parenting has also impacted the dynamics.